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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

CookingGal Takes on Thanksgiving (Again)

Remember last year when I announced that I would be taking on Thanksgiving? It was the day before T-giving when I wrote that blog and I was talking about how that day I was going to clean and the next day I was going to cook. Ha!! CookingGal 2006 laughs at CookingGal 2005. Here’s what I know now:

-Cleaning should start the weekend before the guests arrive
-Most of the cooking should be complete by the day before
-The table should be set two days before
-Nobody wants a healthy Thanksgiving

So with my lessons from last year tucked away in my brain, here’s what’s on the menu this year:

Turkey: Frank is the grilling captain again.

Green Bean Casserole: It’s a classic, a favorite, a Thanksgiving tradition yet I’ve never made nor do I think I’ve ever even had it! My old palette wouldn’t have liked it.

Mashed Potatoes: These aren’t just “a” favorite, they’re MY favorite. In junior high I used to bring 50 cents for lunch every day and just get mashed potatoes. Then I would ask everyone around me if they were going to finish theirs. (Although it wasn’t until this week I realized that they’re called “Mashed.” I always said it minus the ‘ed.’)

Corn Casserole: Because Frank only had one request: something with corn

Stuffing: My mom is making it and bringing it (this year I’m not having anyone make anything in my kitchen. Too many questions for CookingGal.)

Salad: I’m making my friend Stefanie Richter’s famous sugary pecan salad; I’ve tried it twice but haven’t gotten it quite right so we’ll see.

And for dessert?
Mini-cheesecakes: My grandma is coming and this is something she makes. I got the recipe from Jenny Johansson. Mmmm…tiny cheesecakes.

Pumpkin pie: I’m not messing with the two layers this time; just the pumpkin and the store-bought crust.

Okay, so just like last year, I’ll take photos of my creations and compare and contrast (probably more contrast than compare) the professional images with mine.

We’ll have twelve at our table this year. Hey, it’s sort of like the Last Supper! (Except with more food and hopefully not all that biblical betrayal.)

Join me tomorrow for a day-before-Thanksgiving update!


Anonymous said...

David and I are really looking forward to being at Thanksgiving Central!! Great job planning-gal!

Writinggal said...

Woo-hoo! Can't wait to see you guys.

-CG @ TC

Anonymous said...

I hope there are some yummy leftovers when I stop by Thursday night to see the fam!

Writinggal said...

I might have to hide a mini cheesecake for you!

Anonymous said...

Tell Frank not to grill the Turkey. Fried Turkey is the only way to go!!!! That's all I am in charge of this year (and ever!)

Writinggal said...

The fried turkey WOULD go better with our unhealthy theme. We'll consider it.