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Monday, June 15, 2020

Sandwich Strength

I have been getting a lot of requests for more workouts that you can do at home*

(*"A lot" means my friend from high school Jessi and my sister.)

I made this video for my sister. I only mention that because you might wonder who I am talking to. Oh, and I should probably also explain the title. 

I call the exercises in this video sandwiches: 

You do a lower body move for 30 seconds 
Then you add an upper body move for the next 30 seconds 
Then you lose the lower body and keep the upper body for the last 30 seconds 

So the lower body move and the upper body move on their own are like the bread and then the "meaty" part of the exercise is when you do the upper and lower together.  

If your muscles aren't fatigued after 90 seconds then you can adjust the time of your sandwich--45, 45 and 45. Or you can adjust it the other way--20, 20 20. 

Have fun with your sandwiches! And if my fans bombard me with requests, I can make more videos! 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

But WEIGHT--there's more Quarantine Tabata

So if you happen to have weights, here are two more ideas for Tabata you can do! Honestly, you can do these without weights but it may not be challenging enough for you. I have a feeling you are super fit if you are reading my blog about Tabata!

Repeater Knee

Punches S2S (that is exercise instructor shorthand for Side to Side)

Monday, March 23, 2020

Quarantine Tabata

Stuck at home and can't get to the gym? Feeling like the subject of judgmental stares if you run outside? Don't let the Corona Calories pile on; exercise at home! 

"But Elsa, I don't have any equipment! And I don't want to order a treadmill; who knows who touched it? Plus, I'm broke big time." 

I gotcha.  

Tabata is just what the doctor ordered (in addition to hand washing, social distancing and not touching your face). 

Tabata is an interval workout but it's not just any random intervals. It's super scientific, y'all. That's what I love about it. Dr. Tabata, a Japanese Scientist, helped to design the workout for the Japanese speed skating team. The method (or "the Tabata Protocol" as it is technically called) helped to improve their times, even with just one set of Tabata. That's only 4 minutes of work!! 

Here's how it works: 
20 minutes of high intensity exercise 
10 seconds of an active recovery 
8 times 

= 4 min 

High Intensity exercises are things like: 
jumping jacks
running with high knees
jumping rope without the rope 
mountain climbers
jumping squats

Active recovery moves are things like a step-touch, a march or a hamstring curl. 

Your heart rate goes way up on the 20 seconds and comes down to the middle on the 10 seconds. 

Here is an example video I made for you! This is one set of Tabata--4 minutes. I like to alternate two moves (like I am doing here) but you can do the same move eight times or do one move four times, another move four times. 

If you do have some equipment like light weights or bands, you can incorporate those too. 

I like to do jumping jacks with a band on my legs and a band on my arms or punches side to side with weights or repeater knee on a step (bottom step of staircase) with weights. 

So how many rounds should you do? That is totally up to you!! If Tabata is your workout for the day, you should probably do 4-6 rounds. Today I did the treadmill for 20 min. and two rounds of Tabata. It's a great supplement to a moderate workout. 

Oh, and DO get a free Tabata timer to use on your phone. I like this one, Tabata Stopwatch Pro: 

Sure, you could just use a stopwatch but trust me, when you are working at Tabata maximum level, it is way too hard to remember what round you're on. 

Happy Quarantine Tabata-ing! 

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

A Souper Trick

Leo and I are both very good liars actors and we fooled Gus and Frank who are both quite gullible trusting.

We had a Bingo Night at the kids' school and if we brought canned goods, we got raffle tickets for bidding on door prizes. I went a little crazy with the canned goods and we procured A LOT of raffle tickets.

Leo named himself the raffle boss of the family and spent most of the evening lurking around either the door prizes or the DJ who announced the winners. He felt confident in his strategy--to choose just a few prizes and put a lot of tickets in each.

Early in the night Leo won a Stars and Strikes gift card for six people to bowl and have a pitcher of beer soft drinks.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, Leo still felt hopeful that one of the other prizes would go in his favor. 

With their Bingo cards depleted, Frank and Gus hitched a ride home with another family while Leo and I stayed behind to see if he would be a double winner. 

And he was!! He won two tickets to a UGA game (that is University of Georgia for my Texas readers) this fall! We had to run out of there for fear we would be attacked by jealous bulldawg fans. 

On the way home we concocted a story because we are quite the liars storytellers. Let me preface this by saying Gus hates soup. Thinks it is gross. 

Scene: Leo and I arrive at home. 

Frank: Did we win anything else? Did we win the UGA tickets? 

Leo: Nah. But we did win something else. Not as good as that. 

Frank: What did we win? 

Leo: Free soup for a year. 

Elsa: There is this new place opening called "Souper" and Leo thought it meant like "Super Hero" so that's why he put a ticket in there. But really, it's a soup place. 

Frank: Wow. So we can get free soup for a year?? That's pretty cool! 

Elsa: Well, it's all vegetarian soup like broccoli cheese and tomato. 

Frank: Oh, that's not as good. But still, free soup for a year!!? 

Gus: That's so gross. I don't want any soup!! 

Frank: How does it work? Can any of us go get it? Whose name is it under? 

Leo: Any of us can get it. 

Elsa: Yeah, anyone in the Simcik family. 

Finally, after several more questions from Frank and disgusted noises from Gus, Leo revealed that we had indeed won the coveted UGA tickets!!! Gus was excited and eagerly put on his Georgia gear to pose for a pic. 

After all the celebrating and rejoicing Frank said, "I can't believe it!! We won Stars and Strikes, the UGA tickets and FREE SOUP FOR A YEAR!!"

Oh dear. I told you he was gullible trusting. #blesshisheart

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Darndest Things 2020

I don't want to make any promises...but I would like to try to write more blogs in 2020. Still, don't hold me to it. And notice I didn't put a goal like every day or once a month or twice a year. 

Or maybe you didn't notice because nobody reads my blog anymore! Maybe I am just talking to myself. And if that is the case, well the pressure is really down. 

In the first weeks of 2020, each male in my family has said or done at least one memorable darndest thing. I will now share them: 

Gus, singing along with the Frozen song, "For the First Time in Forever" and when it got to the part where Anna says, "Don't know if I'm elated or gassy," Gus said loud and proud, "Don't know why all the ladies are gassy" 

Turns out he has thought that is what they have been saying for six years!! Now, of course, that is how we prefer the lyrics. 

Frank, as we were stretching together at the Y which we only do like...never...we've never done this. I begged him to stretch with me the other day. Anyway, I told him to go into Child's Pose and he sat up into criss cross applesauce (formerly Indian Style). I said, "That's not child's pose!" and he said, "Yes, it is. This is how kids sit!" 

And finally, Leo: He has really started to fine tune his comic timing. He asked Frank to come play a board game with him and Gus and Frank said, "I can't right now, guys. I have to go do the grill" and Leo, without missing a beat, went right into, "And the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon..." 

Unrelated to the stories above, I give you these photos from the past couple of months. Enjoy!