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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tips from...Tricia?

Don’t get me wrong, Thea is definitely our go-to-girl for random yet helpful tips. I mean, she’s the one who told me that a girl’s excess back fat (that nobody knew about until low-rise jeans) is called your “muffin tops.” It’s so handy. Now I can say, “No way, I can’t buy those pants. My muffin tops will hang out.”

But when it comes to food, Tricia is tops. Thea even gives her the credit for discovering Kashi cereal which has changed all of our lives.

Tricia has the skinny on all the health food that actually tastes good. She introduced us to Hungry-Girl and now I religiously read her newsletter every day for food stats, trends and recipes. I even interviewed HG for an article thanks to Tricia.

HG has these chocolate treats called Vitatops. They’re only 100 calories each and 6 grams of fiber. Mmmm…love that fiber. I’ve always been curious about them but never bought them. But Tricia says they’re fantastic and she recommended that next time HG has free shipping, I should buy them. Well, today that happened! It’s a Tips from Tricia miracle!

Tricia also told me about Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers and she says I can get them at my fave place, Costco. I just happen to be putting together my Costco list when she told me about them. What handy and timely tips she has! I can’t wait to try them and report back because I totally dig veggie burgers.

Now don’t forget when it comes to obscure websites, new TV shows, hip lingo and useless trivia, Thea’s still your girl. But if it’s edible, ya gotta go with Tricia.

And who knows? Maybe if we all paid attention to Tips from Tricia, we could one day live in a world without muffin tops.


Jessi said...

I love that site! And those look so good (minus the white chocolate).

Anonymous said...

I apparently have bad taste in food. ;)

Is it somewhat ironic that to get rid of your muffin top [it's singular] you're ordering healthy muffin tops, or vitatops?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and now is also where I admit that I got Kashi from Tricia...I'm a fraud.

Writinggal said...

But you know how sometimes there's two lumps of fat? Wouldn't that be muffin tops plural? Guess it's a case by case situation.

Anonymous said...

I suggest warming the vita top in the microwave 33 seconds and adding a little fat free cool whip. Just like a brownie sundae. Be sure to put the vita tops in the freezer as soon as you get them as there are no preservatives and they'll go bad quickly.

I must also give a shout out to Newman's Own Lighten Up Sesame and Ginger salad dressing. This stuff makes me want to eat salads!!

Writinggal said...

Awesome tips--and very specific with the 33 seconds :)