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Monday, February 20, 2006

Oh, Easter Tree, Oh, Easter Tree

I took down our Christmas tree on December 28th. I’m pretty sure I was the first person on our street; maybe in the world. I get so excited about Christmas that I put up the tree on the first acceptable occasion—the day after Thanksgiving. So by the time it’s December 26th, I’m so ready for it to come down.

I had a roommate who used to put the tree up about mid-November and not take it down until late January. I played this little game where I wouldn’t bring up the subject of taking it down, just to see how long she would keep it up.

We passed a milestone when the tree was still up on January 24th. I had never had a tree up on my birthday before so I had to pose with it. While I cursed the tree that had worn out its welcome, I secretly hoped she would keep it up until March so that I could pose with the tree in swim wear. Unfortunately, she took it down before Valentine’s Day—still an impressive duration.

But wait. Don’t call the Guinness people just yet. I found a rival holiday extender. When Frank and I were driving to Cathy’s Wok on Valentine’s Day we passed a house in the neighborhood across the way that still had their tree up! “On Valentine’s Day!” I exclaimed to Frank in horror. It didn’t seem to have ornaments on it but it was still up and no, it wasn’t just a tree that looked like a Christmas tree it was, indeed, a Christmas tree.

I confirmed it when we drove by there again this past Saturday night. Yep, February 18th, still up!! I plan to take this route as often as possible so I can see how long this goes on. I mean, it’s one thing to keep it up but why not close your curtains in shame?

I’m going to bet that they’ll keep it up until Easter. Anybody want to take me up on it? I’ll drive by on Easter and check things out. And if they do happen to have their curtains closed, I’ll just knock on the door. I’ll dress up like the Easter bunny and tell them I’ve got presents to put under their tree. They better have some milk and cookies for me.

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