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Monday, June 05, 2006

My Friend Jen

I was worried about my friend Jen for awhile there. Right after she finished filming Friends she made four movies: Derailed, Rumor Has It, Friends with Money and the Break-Up. The first three flopped, tanked, sunk, bombed.

I don’t know why but I feel bad for movie stars when their movies don’t do well. I mean, she still has pa-zillions of dollars and a great head of hair, does she really need my sympathy?

I think it’s because I’m convinced Jen is my friend, my buddy, my gal-pal. I feel like we could hang out and talk about clothes, food, hair products, grocery cart theft…you name it. We could even do all this at Oprah’s house.

So you can imagine my dismay when I heard bad reviews for Jen’s new movie, The Break- Up. “Well, this is it for her,” I thought. “She’s gonna have to go on the Surreal Life with people like Kevin Federline, Oma Rosa and Tina Yothers.” Then I don’t think we could be friends.

But this morning I heard good news about Jen’s latest movie, The Break-Up, with her boyfriend, not-boyfriend, fianc√©, un-fianc√© Vince Vaughn. (If we were real friends she would tell me the truth about all that.) It came in at #1 and made more money than expected. Hurray. It’s a movie-making miracle.

And even though I fret about mega-stars’ movie careers like my friend Jen’s, I’m not really doing my part. I rarely go the movies and this weekend when I did, I saw The Da Vinci Code. Although I did rent Derailed which so far is pretty good.

But I’m still rootin’ for her. I’m not sure if it’s her down-to-earth personality, her good nature or the fact that she would take me and a gaggle of girlfriends to Acapulco on her tab, I just like her. And really, I would hate for anyone to have to share a bathroom with K-Fed.


Anonymous said...

Houston Chrionicle gave "Break-up" a "B" which is very good! They said your friend Jen was perfect for the character -- she finally found a movie to bring out her gifts. AND, the humor leads to more serious stuff about relationships. So..not so bad afterall.
Hungry Gals website is looking for staff writers -- are you applying?

Writinggal said...

Yay, Jen!

And yes, I'm working on my HG app right now :)

Anonymous said...

Go Jen! When you go for girls night at Oprah's I can go with you since my schedule is flexible and you won't have to fly alone either.

Writinggal said...

Well, I'll have to ask Jen and O about that, Cul de Sac Carrie but I think since you're a fan of wine it would be okay.

Anonymous said...

I feel that Jen could be my friend,too!
I was upset to see some bad reviews about her movie, becuase I think I would like it. Of course I have not see it yet.
I think "Along Came Polly" is hilarious!!

Writinggal said...

ACP is a good one and so is the Good Girl. Plus, I like that string of movies she did in the 90's like Picture Perfect and the Object of My Affection (which I get mixed up).

And hello? She's in one of the best movies of all time: Office Space!

Frank said...

I liked her in Rockstar.

Anonymous said...

I'm a She's the One fan.

Julie (Sister-In-Law) said...

So is "Derailed" a movie worth renting? For everyone that doesn't know, for my birthday and christmas, I can always count on Elsa and Frank giving me 10 (sometimes 9) free movie rentals. They have a Discover card and when they accumulated enough points, they cash in for Blockbuster and Hollywood video "10" free movie rentals. So, I always want to know what are the good movies to rent!