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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Playing Potty

Our pediatrician told us that he wants Leo potty trained by kindergarten. So with the pressure off, we just put a potty in our half bathroom and let Leo take the lead. For awhile he talked about it, played with it and even said he wanted to use it. But he didn’t.

Last week though, a breakthrough. He sat on it. Well, he’s sat on it before but this time he put the lid up and sat on it. Now since I took this picture and video he’s actually sat on it with his pants down but didn’t leave any gifts for us in the potty.



The best part was when he asked me to leave the room. No problem. Shall I give you a magazine too?


Granny Jo said...

Leo is so smart, I think he'll figure out this potty stuff "all by myself." Definitely by kindergarten! He sat on the potty with the lid up when I was watching him a couple weeks ago. And he listens so intently whenever he wants me to read the "potty" book. So, you can relax...your job is easy! Now, if only meal time could be so easy!

Kristin said...

Well it seems he has the concept down! I am impressed!
So smart and so adorable!

I'm guessing that Leo's potty doesn't really flush! :-)