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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Back to School

IMG_2488Leo starts “school” on Friday (which is really just one day of Creative Play and he did it this summer already). But he calls it school and he likes me to pretend that his little people are going to school.

But the real excitement around here is that real school is back in session and that means we get to watch the school bus come pick up the kid across the street every day! (I hope that kid doesn’t give us a restraining order.)












Liz said...

I have to admit... I kind of miss the "scuba"!! I mean, not that enunciating isn't cute and quite mature... But "scuba" will always hold a place in my heart with Mr. Leo.

Granny Jo said...

Prediction: When Leo is a bit older and going to "real" school, he'll want to call it "creative play."

GR said...

When I'm in John's Creek later this month, perhaps I'll tell Leo how well his mother got along with the bus driver ("back in the day").