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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Guessing Games

Frank and I have two guessing games that we play very regularly. One is called the "Guess who's pregant game" which we seem to play about every other day. Sometimes when I hear that someone is expecting I email him at work and the subject says "Get ready to play guess who's pregnant tonight."

He'll call me on the way home and say, "Ooh, can we play now? Or do I have to wait until I get home?"

The game works like 20 questions and the questions usually go like this (I'm quoting Frank here):

Friend or family?
Your friend or mine?
Do you know her from college?
From work?
From high school?
Well, if it's not one of those who else could it be? How else do we know people?
Is it her first kid?
Oh, it is? That's always more fun!
Then he usually starts guessing.
I'll sometimes give clues like, "You're getting warmer" or "We expected to hear this news for awhile..."

It's always very exciting when he guesses it right after a long game of guess who's pregnant. Like the other week when he guessed Livy Knox. Congratulations, by the way!! (To Livy, not Frank).

Variations on the guess who's pregnant game include "guess who's engaged" or "guess who eloped" or "guess who's getting a divorce" or "guess who's moving."

The second genre of guessing games revolves around US Weekly. When the magazine arrives each week Frank will bring it in from the mail box and say, "Your fries arrived" ("Fries" as you'll recall is short for "friends" and I like to think of the celebs in US Weekly as my fries. Fries, by the way is pronounced "frees.")

Okay, so back to the game: "Guess who's on the cover" Frank will say. Since the magazine is usually at least a week behind the internet I can usually come pretty close. I should be getting one this weekend and I'm gonna guess it's either more info. on J. Lo and Marc Anthony or another minor celebrity weight loss success story.

Then we also like to guess how old the celebs are in the birthday section. When I call them out to Frank it's hilarious because he doesn't know who half the people are. But me, I can usually guess within two years.

But sometimes I'm way off. And then I have to think, "Are these people really my fries?"

Your guess is as good as mine.

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