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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Now we’re cooking!

I’m trying to get Frank to eat more vegetables so when I saw an article in a magazine about how you can sneak them into meals—although they probably were referring to outsmarting a child, not a husband—I bit.

The recipe was for Heart Healthy Po' Boys. It basically involved some type of fish and a bag of coleslaw mixture. When I was breading the fish I had Frank help. (I mean, they say you should involve your children, or in this case, husband, in the meal process.) As we dipped the fish in the egg and cornmeal batter, Frank said, “Now it’s like we’re really cooking!”

That's right. We were REALLY cooking. And they turned out so good! I forgot buns so we used tortillas. Check out these bad boys. I mean, po boys:

Of course when Frank went to put his together he pointed to the vegetables and said, "I don't think I'm going to put any of those on mine."
Kids. Whaddya gonna do?


Anonymous said...

That looks real good...I know those darn kids!! You go cookinggal...

Writinggal said...

Thanks! Tips from Thea is going to make them too so we'll get her opinion.

Jessi said...

Justin's never had a Po'boy. Was your recipe good?

Writinggal said...

I think so!!