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Monday, December 29, 2014

Life before and after having a Disney princess with my name

When Leo went to see Frozen last year and told me that "the queen's name was Elsa," I thought, "Oh, that's kind of neat."

Little did I know it would change my life. Frank thinks this whole thing has gone to my head. But I don't think I'm overstating things when I say that having the same name as a Disney princess-turned-queen is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Sure, getting married, having kids, blah, blah, blah…lots of people do those things. But who else has had this experience? Perhaps an Ariel? A Belle? A Jasmine? Sure, those movies were hits. But were they the HIGEST GROSSEST ANIMATED MOVIE OF ALL TIME? Nope. That honor belong's to Frozen. So just imagine what life is like once this happens. Well, you don't have to imagine. I am going to paint you a picture--life before having a Disney princess with my name versus life after having a Disney princess with my name:

Life before: 
--Meeting a new friend:
"Hi, I'm Elsa"

Possible responses:
"What? Allison?"
"Oh, that's a pretty name."
"What? Elisa?"
"What's the story behind your name?"
 "What? Elsie?"
"You don't hear that much."
"Es el nombre de mi madre."

--At a restaurant:
"What name would you like to put down?"


--To kids:
"I'm Leo and Gus' mommy, Ms. Elsa."


Life after: 
--Meeting a new friend:
"Hi, I'm Elsa."

(All from adults:)
"From the movie?!!"
"What? Your NAME is Elsa? That is so cool!!"
"Like in Frozen?"
"Are you going to freeze me?"
"No way!!"
"Wait. That's your name? Your REAL name?"
"How did your parents come up with that name?"
"And you have blonde hair like her too!!"
"Your kids must be so excited!"
"My kids will be so excited!"
"Can I take a picture with you?"
"I'll never forget your name!"

--At a restaurant:
"What name would you like to put down?"

proudly "Elsa"

Hostess reaction: see above adult reactions.

--To kids:
"I'm Leo and Gus' mommy, Ms. Elsa."

Kids' reactions: see above adult reactions except kids often gasp, put their hands up to their faces, Home Alone style.

Even when I call customer service reps for something I get Elsa comments. I called to have an exterminator come out and the person on the other end said, "My granddaughter would love your name!" And it's not just kids and parents of young children. It's all ages. The teenager at Taco Bell gave me a, "Nuh-uh, you mean like from Frozen?" I always say, "I had it first."

I suppose the excitement will fizzle. Frank says I'm on minute 14 of my 15 minutes of fame. But for now, I'm gonna ride this wave. It is SO MUCH FUN. And there are tons of things with my name on it! I've got a bag, a t-shirt..okay, that's it so far but I've got my eye on some more merch.

I just feel a little guilty, enjoying all these accolades for doing nothing at all. I shall pay it forward. I shall put in a good word to my friends at Disney to name their next princess after my other friend with an interesting yet unfamiliar name. So look for Princess Thea coming to theaters soon!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Cuteness

We may have reached our peak. This just might be the BEST year for Christmas; I mean, does it get any better than six and three for this stuff? No one is old enough to question anything and no one is so little they're just drooling over the wrapping paper. Bonus: no one wants any big ticket items. 

Leo asked Santa for a Star Wars Christmas Calendar. Santa sent me an email saying that he is having trouble delivering on that so he is bringing Leo a Star Wars calendar and a Star Wars Lego something or other. 

Gus asked Santa for food as well as a "knight and a monster to go with it." Santa is putting holiday themed Goldfish in his stocking and giving him a talking Mike the Knight and a toy monster whose brain pops out when you squeeze him. Santa is hoping  Gus will not notice that the monster doesn't really "go with" the knight. 

Here they are giving Santa their demands: 

See? Even this is ideal. Nobody is crying (although that can be cute too) and nobody looks like a shaggy-headed brat who is too big to be on Santa's lap. 

Here are some videos that also capture all of the magic. That's John dancing with the boys; he too is from a six and three family so they are pretty stoked. 

Gus' preschool program--all of the classes were ADORABLE. The paparazzi of parents was pretty amusing. 

And just a few more cute shots for good measure: 

Merry Cuteness!

Monday, December 01, 2014

The Naked Truth about Shopping on Thanksgiving

I'm so ashamed. We shopped ON THANKSGIVING DAY. I don't like shopping; I don't like crowds; I don't like stuff. Yet, I dropped off Frank at Best Buy at 4:45pm on Turkey Day so he could buy me an iPhone 6.

It was really his idea. He knew I needed a new phone and it was $100 off.  But the line was at least 150 people deep. It was cold. And it was THANKSGIVING!

Now, I don't think anyone needs to make a law that stores can't open on Thanksgiving. I just wish stores wouldn't do it. But they do. And we went.

After I dropped him off I started to have second thoughts. The whole thing was just sickening. I drove by the line and rolled down my window to beg Frank to reconsider. "Are you sure you want to do this because I don't need a phone that badly? It's not worth it!!"

The other people in line surely thought I was crazy. (Now if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black…)

"But you need a new phone," Frank said. "Should I pay $100 more next week?"

Then a Best Buy employee came up to my car and offered me an ad.

I shook my head and said no and I suddenly had a flashback to the Austin YMCA. (This is where the "naked truth" comes in.)

See, I was equally horrified when "the nekeds" at the Y tried to get me to join them in the communal shower.  Back then, I was waiting for a shower with a curtain and the nekeds looked over at me and said, "Do you want to just get in here?" At that time I also shook my head and said no. I thought they were weird and I wanted NO PART OF IT. That is exactly how I felt at Best Buy on Thanksgiving. I thought the people there were weird and I wanted NO PART OF IT.

And I also thought (in both cases), how could you think I would want to do something like this? Ew. Yuck. I'm not one of you. In fact, if I have two rules in life, it's that I don't shower in groups nor do I shop on Thanksgiving. (#3: I don't hoard.)

But, since Frank was in line for something for me, I guess I did indirectly shop on Thanksgiving. I tried to keep it on the DL. Frank called it, "That which we do not speak of." But now I am admitting it to the world (or the handful of people who read my blog) because I feel a little bit guilty enjoying my new iPhone. I said guilty…not dirty…not dirty enough to take a communal shower with the nekeds.