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Sunday, June 29, 2014


I still have my addiction to avocados. But I've added another vice--mushrooms. I like 'em together on really, anything. I mean, what are they putting in these things? Whatever it is, I am currently crazy about mushrooms.

Now, compared to avocados, mushrooms are a real pain in the pan. That's because I have to sauté them before I put them on my wraps, salads, pasta, burgers, breakfast. (I have no limits when it comes to shrooms. Well, I might stop at dessert.)

 I often think, "Ooh, mushrooms would be so good in this pita pocket," (Oh, that's another thing I love right now!) but then I'm all, "Do I want to get out the pan, the oil (olive or coconut are my faves) and then sauté them and then clean the pan and spatula?" Usually my answer is, "YES! Shrooms are totally worth it!!"

And they're good for you too--they've got Vitamin D, antioxidants, and B vitamins. Of course different kinds have different stuff but I'm not picky. I like portobello, crimini, white button, whatever.

It's getting to the point where I can go through a box (is it bad that I buy them in a the box and not fresh? Is it also bad that this blog is full of parenthetical phrases?) like every three days? I'm constantly making avocado and mushroom runs. (Side note: Avocados have gone way up in price lately so my addiction, like most addictions, is also bleeding me dry.)

So in conclusion, I freakin' love mushrooms.

Next up: Totally Trippin' over Tomatoes.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"We Want Gus!"

Gus just turned three yesterday but in a lot of ways he reminds me of a teenager. He loves to sleep hard and play hard.

Over the weekend he had a killer pool party, foreshadowing many future parties in which his friends will be chanting his name.

At his pool party this past weekend (summer birthdays are so fun!), we were all ready for Gus to blow out his candle but our birthday boy was detained in the bathroom. Popsy started the chant, "We want Gus!" and when Gus finally arrived, he strutted in with quite the swagger for a three-year-old.

Here are a few more pictures from Gus' party-animal birthday weekend:

Sunday, June 08, 2014

So long, Preschool!

Hello, Kindergarten! 

Leo completed his coursework at St. Francis of Assisi preschool a couple of weeks ago. Now there's all this talk of Kindergarten. It made me think back to a post I wrote just a few days ago about how Leo took his backpack to his first playgroup. I titled it "Kindergarten Already?" and I remember when I wrote it, thinking that Kindergarten was SO far away. 

I found that blog tonight and, whaddya know? I actually wrote it in July of 2008. So it turns out it wasn't just a few days ago. It just felt that way. 

So here is a throwback to when Leo was six years away from Kindergarten followed by pictures of him finishing preschool, just three months away from from Kindergarten. 

Kindergarten Already?

No, not yet. But Leo was excited about bringing his new backpack to playgroup. Although I think he is smart enough for kindergarten. He already reads! Well, he doesn't read but he stares at the books when we read them to him and sometimes he even tries to turn the pages. His favorites? Anything by Dr. Seuss. He's also a fan of Leo the Late Bloomer and any books that involve hippos, belly buttons or both.

"Thanks for not making me go to school yet, Mommy. Sorry I spit up all over my new outfit."

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Kristin said...
Too precious! Leo will be the cutest kindergartener ever!

Tia Kristin, your premonition was right!! See below.