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Monday, August 10, 2015

FIRST Day of FIRST Grade

We've got another first day of school in the books. There will be lots more but this was a cool one because it's got the word "first" two times in its title! 

Leo had a good attitude about going to first grade. And why shouldn't he? He goes to the sweetest school (Sweet Apple Elementary!), he has the best teacher and he gets to ride the bus again. 

It also helps that he has no concept of time, which helps. Like last year in Kindergarten, he would tell me that his day went like this: "We get there, we go to our specials, have lunch, recess, rest time, go home." Sounds pretty good, right? No reading, writing, math? 

Last year he went to lunch at 10:30. This year it's 12:12. I asked him if lunch feels later in first grade and he said he was pretty sure it was at the same time as last year. 

Here is a photo dump from this morning's send-off: 

Very pleased he agreed to wear a shirt that doesn't have a picture and non-track shorts! This will be the last time. 

 Thanks, Grandmother, for the cool lunch box!

Seeing Mickey the dog and friends at the bus stop was fun!

He and his good buddy Owen sat in the first row again. Don't they know first graders can move back a little?!

We celebrated a good first day of school with John and Tyler at Menchie's. I don't have any pics of that but think same outfits, more mess.

Here's hoping he has a 180 more days like this one!