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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring Breakin' at Grandparent Camp

This year we decided to hold Grandparent Camp during Spring Break, rather than the summer. You see, April is the high season for Houston so we thought both grandparents and grandkids alike could enjoy outdoor activities in a mild, pleasant climate rather than running from pool to pool and sweating in between.

It worked out nicely for all parties. We got to see our Houston families at the beginning and end of Spring Break. During Grandparent Camp, each set of grandparents had one boy at a time, so they didn't have to deal with fighting and brotherly rough housing. They just got to shower each boy with individual attention, toys and sugar. And while they were doing that, Frank and I jetted off to Mexico where we received individual attention from waiters bringing us drinks. It was truly a win-win-win. (Okay, fine. Frank and I got the best end of the deal. Thank you, Grandparents!)

So now I leave you with another picture dump--our trip to Mexico (which coincided nicely with our 13th wedding anniversary), our family time in Houston and the kids at Grandparent Camp.