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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Disney Dump

So I promised a Disney post but I don't really have time to write about it. Instead, I am just dumping all my pics into this blog without tying them up with a bow. 

Well, I will say this: Disney was FUN. We did Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. On this trip (with Leo at age 7 and Gus at 4) we were all adrenaline junkies. We wanted rides, rides, and more rides! And the boys were fearless. Since it was Disney, they could also ride almost everything, despite being being vertically challenged. We ALL rode the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios. Let's just say its name describes it perfectly. Yet I was the only one scared! 

As you'll see in the pics, Leo was chosen (second time!) to be in the pirate show at Magic Kingdom and got to fight Jack Sparrow. At the end they let all the kids come on stage to be honorary pirates; that is why Gus is up there. 

A highlight was the Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios. They fought some random character from the Dark Side and LOVED it. 

Okay, so maybe I did write a little. I couldn't resist. But with that, I leave you with just a bunch of pictures!