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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Drama Dudes

A couple of weeks ago I posted some videos of Leo's acting debut. (Be sure to check it out again because I added some background info!) We were all raving over Leo's performance, and encouraging him to leave school and become a child actor. But then we figured maybe he should do at least one more play first, and have more than one line so, you know, he can build up his portfolio.

So inspired by his big brother's accomplishment, Gus too took to the stage in a compelling performance as a shepherd in The Christmas Nativity at his preschool Here, I will post the show in its entirety. Be sure to watch for Gus's cute group line! Oh, and please disregard the cell phone that rings constantly. (Seriously???) Below the video of the play, please also enjoy two songs that Gus' adorable "Young 5's" class performed that day.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Dinosaurs Before Dark

Leo caught the acting bug and participated in his first play/musical! He was not one, not two but THREE different characters! (Okay, most of the younger kids were three parts.) Leo was a tree, a baby dinosaur and an Iguanodon. He had one line (see below). 

The play was through Off Broadway Children's Theatre. But the great thing is, the director came to his school for practices. So two days a week for three months he stayed at school an EXTRA HOUR! It was a win win and obviously, all that hard work paid off. Such a cute show, based on the first Magic Tree House book (one of Leo's favorite series).  He is already signed up for the spring semester play--The Jungle Book! 

Saying his line!! He got a laugh!