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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Leo and Gus say the Darndest Things XVIIMIIX

I thought that, as Leo and Gus got older, the cute (i.e. ignorant) things they said wouldn't be so cute anymore. But at ages 9 and 6, they're still pretty cute. It is quite amusing to hear their take on the world. Whenever they say something worth repeating, I type it into a little list-making app. Yes, they have an app for that! So with that, I am just going to dump all the latest funnies right here: 

Leo: I always say, "The More the Merrier."
Me: Oh, really? Is that your motto?
Leo: Sometimes. Depends on what it's more of.

(I guess that one was more insightful than funny...I appreciated it cause I always say "The More the Scarier.")

Gus: Why do babies go in bellies?
Me: Because that's how God made it.
Gus: What if I have a baby in my belly right now?
Me: Boys can't have babies in their bellies.
Gus: I'm glad I'm a boy! I don't have to have nipples. pause
Wait!!! I DO have nipples!!

Me: I have to go give Leo his medicine.
Gus: What does Leo have again? Social Media?

Leo, explaining dog breeding to Gus: When dogs get married it's called breeding. Right, mommy?
Me: Yes, exactly.

Gus: The word free has two meanings.
Me: Hmmm...I guess it does.
Gus: Yep, free like I'm free to go and free like one two free.

Gus: A kid in karate got his belt taken away.
Me: Really? Why?
Gus: I don't know.
Me: Well, who was it?
Gus: I don't know and besides (in stern voice), it is none of our responsibility!!

Frank: When you guys take vacations with your families when you're older, where do you think you'll go?
Leo: I'm not going to have kids.
Frank: So you won't ever go on vacation?
Leo: If I don't have kids, my whole life will be a vacation.

Another insightful one from Leo!!

That's all I got! But I will keep collecting these gems on my trusty app. 
(Btw, I don't know why the only pics I could find of them together are shirtless.)