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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Leo says the Darnedest Things: First Week of School Edition

Leo started second grade!

Being in second grade means you get to sit more towards the middle of the bus, rather than up front. You get to sit in the "spinny" chairs at the library. Also at the library, you can check out TWO books at a time. You get to try out for the school play, which Leo is going to do. You get to be in the school play, cause everybody gets a part. And if you're Leo, you get to buy lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY.

That's because I HATE making lunches. I actually don't hate making lunches for Gus because he likes normal lunch stuff--PB&J, salty snack, etc. Leo does not like sandwiches or salty snacks so I was always stretching to think of something not in the dessert family to put in his lunch. We compromised on a jelly sandwich. But after FIVE YEARS (preschool for three, Kinder and 1st) of making jelly sandwiches, I quit. I cannot make another jelly sandwich. It grosses me out. If it doesn't have peanut butter on it, it's just soft toast.

So that, plus the fact that I felt absolutely euphoric on the one or two days a week last year when I let Leo buy his lunch, led me to this decision: NO MORE PACKING LUNCHES!

Every day I read him the menu and he always says he likes it. On the second day they were having chicken enchiladas.

Me: Leo, they're having chicken enchiladas at school today. Do you like that?

Leo: Oh, yes!!

Me: Are you sure? Cause I know you like it when I make it but...

Leo: They basically make everything you make, only better.

So...not only do I cook like a school cafeteria but their cooking is superior?

I was insulted for about a second but then I remembered I didn't have to make a jelly sandwich, so I got over it.

I have a feeling it's going to be a great year for both of us!