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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

A Hall of Butts

The conversation at dinner had me laughing so hard that I thought it worthy of posting here on my blog, which I see I have been neglecting for over three months. I am sick right now so laughing actually hurts but these boys had me in stitches. It went like this:

Leo and Gus were talking about the different types of drills they have at school--fire drills, tornado drills and intruder drills. (Btw, I asked them about intruder drills and they said they all cram into a closet and lock the door to the scary! Glad they didn't ask me why they needed to do intruder drills).

Gus: But tornado drills are the worst! You have to get down like this (crouches down, curls up and puts his hands over his head).

Leo: And the teachers don't have to do it! They just walk down the hall and our heads are all facing the wall so it is basically a HALL OF BUTTS.

(This is when I started giggling...which just encouraged them to go on).

Gus: And sometimes, people's pants come down a little bit when they're crouched like that so you can see their underwear. But you're crouched too so you actually can't see it.  (He gives a disappointed sigh.)

Leo: Well, sometimes I stand up to protest the torture and I DO see people's underwear!

Gus: You do???!!!!

Leo: Yes! And sometimes their pants come down so far you see a little bit of their butt cracks.

Gus: Like half their butt crack??

Leo: Sometimes it's like three-quarters of their butt crack! It's like a hall of butt cracks!

Then, as you can imagine, the two of them got really carried away and inappropriate and I had to shut it down.

But today, every time I think the phrase "it's like a hall of butts," I can't help but laugh.

Hmmm...maybe I need to get out more...

Or stop hanging out with my seven and ten year old boys.