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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Southern Snow

Tomorrow will be our fourth snow day this year! Today was the first one where we actually had snow. Just like in Dallas, we get about two-five of these days each winter here in Atlanta. That's just enough snow for me. But unlike Dallas, we've got hills for sledding, right in our backyard!

We're considering this one for  America's Funniest Home Videos. Leo was fine, by the way. 

Our snowman was pretty pathetic!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dental Dating

For me, finding a dentist is like blind dating. I try out a lot; very few make the cut. And the whole experience is frustrating, uncomfortable and sometimes awkward. Last week I ran out of a dentist. I'll tell you how that happened. But first, a little of my dental dating history:

Several years ago I went to one where I had a meeting with the hygienist followed by, "Okay, now let's  schedule your cleaning!" I said, "Um, your'e not going to clean my teeth today?"
"Oh no!" she said. "This appointment was just for us to get to know you!"

I took off work for this?

Then there was the dentist who wanted to do a "treatment plan" for Frank and me. Now, for someone like me (with a history of dental issues) that wasn't too hard to believe. But Frank (who, by the way, rarely flosses but has excellent reports from the dentist) has never even had a cavity. So when he heard "treatment plan," he knew that just meant "ca-ching!"

After that one we hit one of those chain dentists that recommended veneers for me WHILE I WAS PREGNANT. That means I didn't get the strong stuff and it was THE MOST PAINFUL EXPERIENCE EVER. The dentist said, 'Girl, I don't know how you're gonna go through child birth if you can't handle this." I still have PTSD when I think about it.

Oh, and I can't forget the one after that where I had a little fit in the waiting room. I was waiting…and waiting…and waiting and it was getting to the point where I had about 45 minutes until I had to pick up Leo from preschool. So I asked how long it was going to be. They said they didn't know. I explained that I might just need to reschedule because, if it was going to be much longer and I couldn't get a cleaning in, then I didn't want to sit in the waiting room anymore. The hygienist came roaring out of the back saying, "I'LL BE DONE WHEN I'M DONE!!" Let's just say I responded unfavorably. They gave me a Chili's gift card as an apology. So we kept going there. They put a note in my chart that said I was not to be with that particular hygienist.

Our dentist in Frisco--awesome. Finally.

But then we moved back to Roswell so we had to find another dentist here. Sure, we could have gone back to Chili's gift card dentist but it's a little far for us now. So I found one on our insurance and off I went to my first cleaning last week. (I like to go to the dentist 3-4 times a year; it cuts down on the lecturing and scolding I get for "never flossing." Btw, I floss every single night, better than they do it.)

This one took the cake. I go in and it's a really nice place, like almost too nice. The lady behind the desk introduces herself and SHAKES MY HAND. Wow, I thought. They are really friendly. This place is awesome. "We have coffee, bars, tea…" she told me, pointing to this cute little kitchenette area in the waiting room. I settled into one of their comfy couches and thought, "I think I'm gonna like it here. I think this might be THE ONE."

I filled out a heap of paperwork and then they called me back to give me a tour. Yes, a tour. Okay, a little unnecessary but whatever. I don't care about your "state of the art" crown machine and your sink area. Then she takes me into the "consultation room" where she proceeds to ask me questions like, "What kind of relationship do you want with your dentist?" To which I replied, "This is funny. I just want a cleaning."

Then ANOTHER person comes into the consultation room to, I guess consult with me more. I felt like I was on a job interview! Wait, I mean a blind date. I'm mixing metaphors. This lady gives me a full bio on the dentist--super detailed. Where she went to undergrad, dental school, her family, her philosophy…OMG, will someone just clean my damn teeth? I think she mentioned the word "treatment plan" too---before they even looked at my teeth! When I told her that I had had gum surgery she said, "How would you feel if the dentist recommended a deep cleaning of your gums? I said, "I would hate it. I would be very much opposed to that."

I then ask, "How much longer is this appointment?" She said, "We have you scheduled for two hours." At this point it had been about 45 minutes. She then sent me back to that waiting room, which I no longer thought was so comfortable. In fact, I was getting so antsy that I started to plan my escape. As the one hour mark approached and I still hadn't seen a dentist or a dental chair, I got up my nerve.

I approached my new best friend behind the front desk (she was super friendly and had chatted with me about Texas) and said, "My son's school just texted me. He's sick and I have to go pick him up."

"Oh no! I hope it's not that stomach bug! Is he throwing up?"

"Yes, um, yes he is."

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

"I'll just call to reschedule!" I said, and I ran out of there as fast as I could!

Now I have been on a lot of bad dental dates. But that was the first one that I totally bailed on. They haven't tried too hard to hunt me down (just a generic text and email) so I am just going to avoid them. I've already made an appointment at a new dentist. It felt like a good fit because the woman on the phone laughed when I told her about this experience. I mean, I had to make sure they weren't going to do the same thing!

So keep your fingers crossed that this one's a keeper.

Monday, February 09, 2015

HGTVing It Part II

It didn't happen in 22 minutes but the process of taking my cabinets from pine-90s-laminate to glorious white was pretty quick. And pretty smooth. At least for me. I just had to keep the kids outta there for three days. (There was a lot of fast food consumed. Leo declared Sonic the "best restaurant ever.") 

Here is what they looked like at the end of Day 2. I gotta tell you, I was a little concerned. At this point they still looked Ikea chic. 

But then the guys came in on Day 3 with the doors and panels...

…and the molding! That made a huge difference.

And then the heavens opened up and I think I heard angels singing, "Alleluia!" And there they were. The most beautiful kitchen cabinets ever in my price range!

I am absolutely in love with these cabinets, and really, my whole kitchen. I am a smitten kitten.

They not only look pretty. They look right. They look like they belong here! Like, "Where have you been all my life?"

This is where I stand for 85% of the day. Surely my neighbors think I am chained here. But hey, if this is prison, get me an orange jump suit!

So to sum it up: 



Wednesday, February 04, 2015

HGTVing It Part I

At the end of House Hunters, if it's a really good one, they show the house hunters in their home several months later. Inferior episodes show them merely two weeks later and that's no fun because they haven't had any time to make improvements. I get so bummed when they say, "We closed on the house a month ago and we just moved in on Tuesday." What? You've got nothing to show me! You don't even have your furniture moved in! Why do I want to see you sleeping on an air mattress?

But in an ideal situation, they've been there long enough to redo the kitchen, knock down a few walls, and rip up that awful carpet. I always think, how do they do it? All that money, all that effort, all those paint fumes. And sometimes, they even do the work THEMSELVES!

Frank and I have never been renovation people--not because we don't have lots of things that we'd like to change in the FOUR houses we have owned--but because we're not handy and we're too cheap. Well, actually Frank is too cheap. If it were up to me we'd be knocking down walls too. (Professionals would be, at least).

But in this house we're acting like our favorite house hunters--we've done one big project and are in the middle of a second. Before we moved in we had the carpet ripped up and dark hardwood floors put in. That wasn't so hard because we didn't live here yet.

And now we are two days into a kitchen cabinet renovation! For the two months we have lived here I have dreamed of changing those cabinets but I thought, "No, we already did that big floor project. There is no way we can paint the cabinets too." But then Popsy painted our island and not only did it look fantastic but it made the rest of the cabinets look pitiful. This worked in my favor cause Frank noticed too.

The next thing I know I got a green light on painting the cabinets. Well, it might have been more like a yellow light with Frank saying, "Hmmm…maybe the cabinets would look good if we…"

"I'll call people tomorrow!" And I did. They said they could start right away. (I think Frank may have gotten steam rolled.) Now WE have a home improvement project to show off on HGTV (should they call). Check it out!

BEFORE (So they look okay here but don't be fooled. They're photogenic. Up close they have these areas of laminate making them look like they are from Ikea.)

But we love the layout, including this little desk area, so we knew there was potential.

Also love the big windows over the sink! And check out the island that Popsy painted and bead boarded.

DURING: Frank says, "So let me get this straight. You gave the guys half the money and they took our cabinet doors?" 

They had our cabinet doors for about six days when they called and said, "We're coming tomorrow! Can you move everything out of your kitchen tonight?" So we did. This gave me moving flashbacks. 

Now our entire kitchen is in our dining room!

These chairs and end tables will totally keep the kids out!

Today they prepped the kitchen for painting. My job was to keep the boys away. They were very excited to come home to this. Leo said it is the "Coolest. Thing. I. Have. EVER. Seen." He's only been around 6.5 years so that is quite possible. 

 Stay tuned in a few days for Part II when we do the big reveal. I like these projects so much more when they're done with them in 22 minutes!