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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Thank the Lavender

 Hello, my name is Princess Covida and I am on day...243...189...356...oh it's been so many I can't keep track anymore...of my Covid Isolation. 

I'm trying to scratch these marks on the wall of my cell so I don't get confused about what day it is. 

Oh, wait. My wall has two marks on it. It has been two days in this guest room with an en suite bath. How did I get here? That's where the lavender comes in. 

Sunday, 1/24, was my 44th bday. A dear friend popped over to drop off a gift--this lovely lavender plant: 

I couldn't smell it. Even when I stuffed my face way down in there, no lavender scent. I couldn't smell hand sanitizer, laundry pods, dryer sheets, Irish Spring soap. You get the idea. So I got a test and here I am. Day two. 

I am going to interview myself so I can hopefully answer some of your burning questions: 

Do you know where you got it?  
No. Also, that is my least favorite question. 

Are you taking anything for it? 

Do you have any other symptoms besides not being able to smell or taste? 
Not really. A little bit of a stuffy nose. And I get super sweaty in the middle of the night. TMI? 

What do you miss most about the outside world? 

But it's only been two days. How can you miss Target already? 
It's kinda like how you miss Chick Fil-a on Sundays even though you can go there Mon-Sat. 

Um, what about your kids? Don't you miss them? 
Well, I can hear them. Very loudly.  Plus I have to FaceTime Gus every few minutes to make sure he is doing his schoolwork. He enjoys looking at himself on the camera more than listening to me. Can. you blame him? 

What are your accommodations like? 
I'm in our guest room which has a bed and two night stands and a TV.  The window looks out to the street which is awesome for spying on, I mean checking on the neighbors. 

How about the amenities?  
Funny you should ask. Those could be better. I get my food delivered outside my door from an untrained chef who often gets my order wrong. (When I say AVOCADO I don't mean NO AVOCADO!!) Also, I have to get my water from the bathroom sink. I mean, I know it is the same water but's from the bathroom. BUT he did do a good job making and delivering my coffee this morning. The dishes are starting to pile up in here though and I wish I had a dumb waiter that would clean, sanitize and send them back down. Maybe I will invent that while I am stuck in here. 

How do you keep your spirits up, Princess Covida? 
I appreciate you finally addressing me correctly. Oh, you know, I meditate. I stick my head out the window for some Vitamin D. I walk in circles around the room, trying to get my 10K steps in. 

What have you learned about yourself from this experience? 
I smell my own armpits A LOT. I guess I am always checking to see if I need to shower. And you just don't realize that you stick your nose in your armpits until you don't have a sense of smell. Every time I do it, I think, "Hmmm, I smell like nothing." And then I remember...the lavender smelled like nothing too. 

Thank you for these insights, PC. Your story has really...well, it hasn't motivated anyone yet but you still have eight days to go. 
You are most welcome. Just wait until I invent that sanitizing dumb waiter (patent pending). 


GR said...

I enjoyed this blog until "smelling the armpits" arose. Way TMI.

Granny Jo said...

As someone who has enjoyed your guest room many times, I have 1 question: will the room service be a permanent addition?

dad simcik said...

I am almost a month with no smell maybe 10% I was lying in my smell loss be last night band realize when you cannot smell you cannot taste either. Had a great Sauvignon last night and what I learned from wine tasting to swirl and smell a really nothing much😖😩. And still took the sip hoping I could swirl the taste over my buds and a very little moment of yes and then nothing😩. So Joanne with her Covid and still smells and tastes get the bottle I refuse to drink just for a high🤪😇

dad simcik said...

Smell loss bed. And realized. I should prof read before I send comments🤪🤪

Writinggal said...

GJ, I don't think you would want the room service to continue. No offense to Frank but it isn't like high quality cuisine ;)
Still no taste and smell for me--one week out. I totally drink wine just for the high now!!